Pre-stressed concrete strands and wires

Bekaert’s range of galvanized, pre-stressed strands and wires reinforce prefab constructions and precast elements. Their consistent mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance and low relaxation provide even compressive force to the concrete.

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Increasing the strength within

Our wire for PC strands balances tensile stresses caused by bending loads. With our wire, you can create tendons with high tensile strength and low relaxation. It helps assure the optimal load bearing capacity of your concrete structure.

Choose your options

You can choose from a plain or indented surface finish for extra anchorage. For customers with stranding capabilities, the wires can also be supplied separately. Bekaert PC strands consist of 3 or 7 cold drawn, steel wires which can be left or right stranded. There is also 7-wire compacted strand available for optimal breaking load / diameter combinations.