Pre-stressing wires and strands

Bekaert’s range of pre-stressing wires and strands reinforce concrete structures and precast elements. Their consistent mechanical properties and low relaxation provide even compressive force to the concrete.

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Sustainable structures thanks to innovations

The construction market is a crucial sector for the world economy but accounts for nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions. These emissions come from different operations such as sourcing, material production, logistics, and other construction activities. To achieve the goals of decarbonizing, we all need to think about enabling solutions.

Our recent development of Ultra High Strength (UHS) strands and wires gives you one of the possibilities to make an impact. These strands offer different benefits to your projects:

  • unmatched strength and durability
  • more slender architectural structures
  • lower CO2 emissions by reducing material usage
  • easier transport and manipulation


Get inspired with the video below to understand how you can leverage the features of UHS wire and strands for your projects.

Choose your option

Next to our development of UHS wire and strands you can choose from the standard range of prestressing solutions.

We offer plain or indented surface finish for extra anchorage, single wire option or construction starting from 2 to 3, or 7 cold-drawn, steel wires that can be left or right stranded.

For optimal breaking load/diameter combination, there is also a 7-wire compacted strand available.