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Bekaert supplies a comprehensive selection of active, passive and combined corrosion-resistant coatings to boost performance in any application type in any environmental setting. We offer Bezinal® — our proprietary zinc-aluminum coatings — for applications requiring superior active corrosion protection. Bezinal® coatings increase critical factors like corrosion resistance, heat resistance, processability and durability.

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Bezinal® XC Coated Wire for Improved Coilability of Critical Springs

Heavy deformation and stress-relieving temperatures can compromise the corrosion protection of your spring. As a result, spring wires often require additional expensive and time-consuming post-coating processes after coiling. 

Although Bezinal® delivers exceptional cathodic and corrosion protection, its most impressive quality is evident during production. Because of the coating's outstanding coilability, applications benefit from excellent production efficiencies similar to phosphate-coated wires. Bezinal® coatings work well in highly demanding operating conditions, mainly when dimensional stability is vital.

Process-Proof Properties

Even under heavy deformation and exposure to high stress-relieving temperatures, this zinc aluminum coating can maintain its integrity and high corrosion protection level, eliminating the need for any post-coating processes.

Moreover, Bezinal® XC coated wire has reduced flaking and limited dust formation when coiled compared to wire coated with zinc or even our standard Bezinal® coatings. The beneficial end results are less machine cleaning time and higher production efficiencies, especially in cases where optical measurement systems are used. Therefore, Bezinal® XC coated wire can sometimes equal the performance of non-metallic coated wire (phosphated).

Improve Your Production Process

Repeated coilability tests have proven that our Bezinal® coatings allow a more consistent process, significantly reducing the overall spread of spring geometry. Kesternich and salt spray tests have shown that Bezinal®-coated wires resist corrosion two to six times longer than hot-dipped galvanized wires while lasting up to eight times longer in heavily polluted areas. Its properties substantially improve the dimensional stability of the manufactured springs and reduce spring rejection rates.

Bezinal® coatings also deliver superior cathodic protection to exposed areas of steel like cut ends or scratches. The active coating creates an electrical current that counteracts any corrosive effect on the steel. 

To ensure optimized performance and the highest quality standards, our team performs various standardized testing during product development, including specialized tests requested by our clients. We conduct these procedures in our own ISO 9001-certified laboratories and confirm the results with various independent research facilities worldwide. 

Advantages of Bezinal® Over Other Coating and Plating Options

When compared to other coatings, a zinc-aluminum coating offers many advantages for precise applications, including the following:

  • Reduces dust formation and flaking.
  • Increases production efficiencies.
  • Reduces spring rejection rates significantly.
  • Provides a more durable alternative to galvanized wire.
  • Offers superior corrosion and heat resistance for increased reliability and a longer life span.
  • Resists damage in alkaline environments and conditions with high humidity.
  • Offers a cost-efficient alternative to stainless steel springs.
  • Eliminates the requirement of post-coating.

Common Applications of Bezinal® Coated Wire

Wires coated with Bezinal® work exceptionally well for automotive and industrial spring applications in highly corrosive environments. Besides offering exceptional corrosion resistance at the cut and ground edges, the coating's aluminum content also provides the spring with superior white-rust protection.

Why Work With Bekaert?

Bekaert is a world leader in wire drawing and coating. We have the experience, flexibility and technical skills to create the product you need for your unique application, regardless of the shape, composition or mechanical construction. We have set the standard for coatings for over 13 decades, serving businesses in over 120 countries.

Our comprehensive coating portfolio ranges from the standard galvanized options to the more specialized zinc-aluminum Bezinal® solutions to coatings using alternative materials like polymers, lacquers and ceramics. We can apply our coatings separately or combined in precise amounts, from nanometers to micrometers.

Our decades of expertise allow us to manufacture your products to the most strict quality and safety standards. Our strategic worldwide sites enable us to offer a local presence and provide the outstanding customer service you deserve, regardless of your operation's location. Our team will work closely with you on any request to create a lasting solution that meets your requirements.

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At Bekaert, we aim to go far beyond supplying our clients with high-quality products. We strive to develop lifelong partnerships by offering solutions that improve your operation by reducing lead times, minimizing waste and saving money. In addition, our experienced team is among the world's most knowledgeable about active and passive coatings, enabling us to offer the insight you need for choosing your ideal product.

To learn more about how our Bezinal® and other coatings can benefit your specific application, contact us online today.



  • Reduces dust formation and flaking
  • Increases production efficiencies
  • Reduces spring rejection rates significantly
  • Provides a more durable alternative for galvanized wire


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