Port Autonome de Charleroi, Charleroi, Belgium

Project type:

  • Container terminal


  • Saw-cut floor (10.000 m²)


  • Concrete plant: Holcim
  • Contractor: BAM Contractors
  • Owner: PAC (Port Autonome de Charleroi)

When PAC (Port Autonome de Charleroi) decided to increase one of their storage facilities, they started looking for a more efficient flooring solution than the one’s they have been using in previous projects. Dramix® steel fiber reinforcement soon turned out to be an essential part of that solution.

Steve Conard, Quality Specialist Division Béton bij Holcim, talks about the challenge using steel fiber reinforcement for building the storage floor and about his impression of working with Dramix®. 

The challenge

“Our biggest concern was the mixing process. We were using a very granular concrete type and rather large fiber dosages (30 kg / m³). Usually, this makes the mixing process more complicated. We needed to guarantee an even dispersion of fibers throughout the concrete, and we needed to do it very fast as we had trucks continuously coming and going to the construction site.” 

The solution

"All our concerns about the mixing process were put to rest by choosing Dramix® to reinforce our floors. The fibers were very easy to handle. The glued bundles of fibers dispersed gradually throughout the concrete at high speed, resulting in an evenly reinforced slab.”

“The saw cuts and extensive fiber network inside the concrete does an excellent job controlling concrete shrinkage. By the way, we were able to apply the saw-cuts on the day of the pour. This proves how time efficient we were able to work with Dramix® reinforced concrete.”