Mined out

Tailor-made solutions giving you the edge in your market

Most products in the mining industries could be described as commodities. But if you take a close look, you soon realize that mining is anything but ordinary.
That’s why Bekaert offers high quality products and valueadded service.

We have a staff of professionals and experts within each product group to offer solutions adapted to your commercial and technical needs at every step in the value chain.

Discover your advantages:


It is clear that safety is critically important in the mining industry. A continuous effort to optimize the mining process safely without loss of attention to speed, ease of construction or installation performance is one of our key concerns.

High performance

Maintaining and optimizing the life cycle of your equipment is crucial to have high productivity and profitability. We work on improved product design and breaking load and we focus on better corrosion resistance and excellent ductility. Our aim? Increasing the uptime of your processes with a high performance solution.


As we have full control over the supply process from wire rod to fiber, wire, mesh, bolt or rope, we can guarantee a consistent quality. Quality at Bekaert goes beyond mere product specifications. We implement a Total Quality Management system in production. Thanks to this intensive quality approach we can offer controlled quality whatever the environments you are working in.


The operating cost structures of global mining operations have increased significantly over past years. There are different areas that allow you to lower costs: reduction of equipment downtime and change-over time, optimization of maintenance, etc. Different features of our products, like a longer lifetime, can help you lower your total cost of ownership

An integrated presence in the mining industry

Driven by the steady demand for all kind of materials, Bekaert is omnipresent on the mining scene. With innovative technologies and solutions we enable our customers in various sectors to extract, transmit, produce, and distribute resources in an efficient way. Our presence starts at the construction of the mine and is continued through the supply of steel fibers, all kind of meshes and other reinforcement materials.