Metal fiber products

Did you know that Bekaert is able to create ultra-fine metal fibers from almost any thinkable alloy, with diameters that are up to 80 times thinner than a human hair? Whether you are producing products used in filtration, ESD/EMI protection, hot glass manipulation, heating or other specialties, Bekaert metal fibers serve a wide range of high demanding applications.



Bekinox® VN and Bekiflex® heating cables have a well-established reputation within the automotive and textile heating industry and are characterized by their constant quality, softness, flexibility, outstanding lifetime and superior corrosion resistance.


ESD/EMI protection

To protect your products against EMI and ESD with long-lasting efficiency Bekaert developed Beki-shield® conductive fillers for plastics and Bekinox® stainless steel fibers and yarns for textiles. Both products blend in seamlessly with any design.

Bekaert EMI shielding fibers and yarns for textiles

Hot glass manipulation

Bekinox® stainless steel textiles offer unique advantages during the production of automotive and container glass. The high quality fibers reduce deformations and scrap, boost production volumes and continuity and allow flexible and complex designs.



Bekipor® nonwoven filter media is sintered from the finest stainless steel fibers. Featuring high dirt holding capacity, superior porosity and low pressure drops, Bekipor® benefits a whole range of gas and liquid filtration processes.



To serve a wide range of high-demanding specialty applications Bekaert metal fiber based products can be produced in any type of construction: 2D, 3D or other.


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