Metal fibers for friction materials

friction discs
Requirements for brake pads, clutches and other friction materials are becoming more stringent. Key drivers are stricter particle emission regulations and dimensional tolerances, and the need to reduce sound and vibrations to improve user comfort. Engineered metal fiber solutions are ideal for such applications, and for a variety of friction tools used in various industrial processes.
wheels sports car brake pad Bekaert loose staple fibers can be used to reinforce brake pads, clutches and friction tools.

Depending on the required reinforcement and friction characteristics, Bekaert offers fibers in a wide range of alloys including carbon steel, aluminum, copper, Fecralloy® and various stainless steels.

Fibers are available in diameters ranging from 10 to 100 µm. Accurately controlled fiber lengths vary from 100 µm to 2.5 cm.


Increased abrasion resistance

Accurately controlled fiber diameter, surface quality and homogeneity combine to produce a more durable friction system.

Excellent mechanical strength

Metal fibers form a high-strength 3D network in a friction component, making them well-suited for intensive and heavy-duty use.

Good matrix adhesion

Bekaert steel fibers blend evenly and easily with abrasive ceramic particles, filler materials and binding agents. The interface between the matrix and the metal fiber is highly controllable.

Improved vibration performance

Bekaert fibers do not have loose particles, conglomerates or surface irregularities. Along with a consistent fiber diameter and high homogeneity and surface quality, this means less vibration.


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