Currento® porous transport layer for hydrogen production

Currento® is a metal fiber media used as porous transport layer for electrochemical devices.  It is a high performing PTL material with intrinsic high permeability and strength. Currento® is available in titanium, nickel, and stainless steel.

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A porous transport layer, sometimes referred to as gas diffusion layer (GDL) or current collector, has multiple functionalities that influence performance and durability of the electrochemical device. An ideal porous transport layer should:

  • Enable efficient flow of gaseous/liquid reactants/products
  • Have high electrical, and thermal, conductivity
  • Be corrosion resistant towards the specific environment
  • Have tuned interface towards other components such as membrane and electro-catalys

3D surface renderings of metal fiber PTLs

Sintered metal fiber media have pore sizes in the µm-range. Compared to sintered metal powder, higher porosity, and thus permeability, can be achieved at similar pore size. Compared to metal foam, sintered metal fiber media enable a stepwise reduction in pore size and corresponding increase in surface area.

Source: Paul Scherrer Institut, Tobias Schuler et al 2019 J. Electrochem. Soc. 166 F270

Technical specifications

Bekaert offers Metal fiber PTL’s which can be modified depending on customer request. Ni media is available for alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) and anion-exchange-membrane (AEM) water electrolysis, Ti media for proton-exchange-membrane (PEM) water electrolysis and Cu for electrochemical CO2 reduction. Download our product sheet 

Metal  316L, Ti, Ni, Cu
Fiber diameter range 2 – 40 µm (316L)
10 - 50 µm (Ti, Ni, Cu, ...)
Porosity  40% - 90%
100 µm - 2 mm
Shaping and cutting customizable according to customer need
Combination of multiple fiber diameters enabling structure with pore gradient
Additional protective coating (e.g. Pt) for increased durability


  • Making electrolysis more efficient
  • Making production highly scalable
  • Making innovation easier