We strive to go above and beyond

Our pioneering spirit has been guiding us over 140 years. We drive progress by integrating advanced technologies into everyday products. While doing this, we are eager to break boundaries - to explore new markets, materials, techniques, and business models.

The questions we ask ourselves and our partners everyday are

  • What challenges do our customers face and will face?
  • What can we do differently and better?
  • How can we contribute to building a more sustainable environment?
  • Who can help us along the way?
  • Who can we help along the way?

Innovation is implementing new ideas that create value. At Bekaert we further define innovation as exploring and developing together to pave the way towards a safe, smart, and sustainable future for (and with) our customers, colleagues, and partners. As the world is in flux, there are plenty of opportunities to uncover the full potential of this ambition.

Veerle Van Wassenhove

VP Innovation
Veerle Van Wassenhove

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Enabling high-voltage electric mobility

Future mobility is trending towards electric mobility. At Bekaert, we play our part to enable faster charging and longer range in electric vehicles. In order to achieve that next step in electric driving, vehicle technology is moving towards higher voltages, better sustainability of the components and higher energy/power densities. 

That’s why we have developed Ampact™ : a solvent-free PEEK-insulated copper magnet wire specifically designed for stators in electrical motors. This type of wire can optimally and safely handle high voltages and increase the power densities.  At the same time it can be bent and twisted in extreme positions and shapes, resulting amonst others in space- and weight savings.

Accompanying the hydrogen economy every step of the way

In the global transition towards clean energy and decarbonization, the hydrogen economy will be one of the crucial enablers. At Bekaert, we want to help to accelerate this.  

Our innovation efforts span across the entire hydrogen economy value chain:

  • electrode and catalyst technology for hydrogen generation and electrolysis
  • reinforcement solutions for flexible H2 transmission pipelines
  • safe and efficient high pressure hose reinforcement and storage technology
  • consumption of hydrogen for heating applications, replacing natural gas

Improve high-voltage power transmission in challenging environments

Reliable energy transmission over long distances is one of the key infrastructure needs in energy transition. Our non-magnetic armoring wires protect high-capacity AC power cables in challenging offshore environments, enabling reliable power transmission.

Our solution provides a reliable mechanical protection against external impact, abrasion, and corrosion. It has much less heat dissipation affecting the surrounding environment, thanks to its non-magnetic properties. It also significantly reduces energy losses from generation to consumption, all the way!

How have we innovated so far?

Sustainably moor wind turbines in deep waters

In many areas of the world, offshore wind can only be harvested in deep waters. For the variety of floating offshore wind platforms currently being demonstrated, Bridon Bekaert has developed a wide and unique range of synthetic and steel/synthetic hybrid mooring solutions.

Smart mooring designs can significantly reduce peak loads on both floating foundations and the seabed anchors. Flexible product design, scale of production, and state-of-the-art inspection services and are crucial to contribute to bigger offshore wind capacity.

How have we innovated so far?

Reducing rolling resistance in tires

Efficiency is key when it comes to driving. Regardless of the vehicle’s energy source, be it electricity, hydrogen, biofuels or fossil fuels, a reduced rolling resistance on the road will result in improved energy consumption and extended autonomy. Bekaert contributes to the overall efficiency of tires by developing tire reinforcement which leads to a reduction of the rolling resistance of millions of vehicles already today!

We also have other innovative ideas related to tires besides reduced rolling resistance.

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