Innovation is a key driver of Bekaert’s technological leadership.  Ever since the establishment of the company back in 1880,  innovation has been a top priority within Bekaert. The invention of reverse twist barbed wire, patented in 1881, may not impress you as an example of high-tech innovation today, it certainly was 135 years ago! By the way, we still manufacture this product today.

Bekaert’s innovation process today is a structured process that covers the entire flow from idea generation to market introduction.


Ideas from all over the Bekaert community are captured via an interactive web based innovation portal. Incoming new ideas are evaluated in view of feasibility and opportunities. Selected ideas get approved and supported for further development. 

Innovation does not only take place in Research labs: Bekaert’s production platforms also work on continuous product and process improvement programs, and do this in alignment with a global innovation and operational excellence team.  

Protecting our intellectual property

As a technology leader, we make significant strides in protecting our intellectual property, both for new and for improved technologies and for processes, products and equipment.