Galvanized Steel Guy Wire - High Corrosion Resistance

When you buy steel wire for your company, its value changes based on factors like longevity. Breakage and other damage lead to costly replacements. One of the greatest threats to your steel wire's lifespan is corrosion, which can compromise its structural integrity and lead to breakage. If your company uses unprotected steel wire strand for important applications like fencing, you'll likely start experiencing problems in short order.

To prevent corrosion, manufacturers use an array of coating methods such as galvanization. Bekaert offers Class A, Class B and Class C zinc coatings for our steel wire, including guy wire, messenger wire, and overhead ground wire.

At Bekaert, we can also coat our steel wires with Bezinal® — our own line of zinc and aluminum alloys — for the highest corrosion resistance possible. These coatings are the most effective method for protecting steel wire. According to our research, wires with a Bezinal® coating resist corrosion between two and six times longer than wires coated with other materials. That kind of longevity lowers repair costs and saves your company from expending time and resources to replace corroded wire.

We can prove how effective our alloys are at preventing corrosion. Both zinc and Bezinal® coatings undergo rigorous testing before we apply them to our products.

Steel Wire Corrosion Testing

Bekaert exposes our zinc and Bezinal® corrosion-resistant coatings for steel to several kinds of testing. Here are some typical results from standard testing procedures:

  • Neutral salt spray test: This test involves a continuous 5% NaCl spray. Bezinal® outperformed zinc-coated steel's corrosion resistance by three to 10 times.
  • Kesternich test: This process simulates a polluted environment. While pure zinc offers less protection against corrosion here, the sample coated in Bezinal® 2000 was the most corrosion-resistant steel cable tested.
  • Heat resistance test: Traditional galvanized steel wire expands when exposed to high heat. Our corrosion-resistant coatings for steel are immune to such growth, and they're less brittle as well.

We also use seawater and salt corrosion testing to gauge our zinc and Bezinal® coatings' performance. Together, our standard testing methods provide comprehensive proof that Bezinal® creates the best steel wire with high corrosion resistance. If you choose a zinc coating instead, such as our Class A and Class B selections, know that Bekaert uses quality zinc and alloys to deliver exceptional performance and adherence to safety standards throughout our product line.

If you have a specialized operating environment, we can also develop custom tests for your applications.

Working With the Market Leader in Galvanized Steel Guy Wire and Strand Manufacturing

When you work with Bekaert, you join the rest of our clients in partnering with the North American market leader in steel wire and strand manufacturing. At Bekaert, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations, and the items we sell are just one element of that relationship. Here are three ways we offer unparalleled services to match the quality of our products:

  • Solid partnership: Our clients enjoy a host of advantages when they partner with Bekaert. Our versatile U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities make us flexible enough to handle any project. Choose the product characteristics you need for your operating environment and we'll create a solution that meets its demands.
  • Experience: Bekaert services clients throughout North America, and we've manufactured products for a vast range of industries for over 130 years. Our deep understanding of client needs and industry trends means we offer products that support your daily operations with greater safety, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Expert advice and support: Our technical support teams provide excellent service. We have the knowledge to give you the information, advice and assistance you need to get the most value out of our products.

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