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Bekaert is a reputable lashing wire supplier for the North American market. We offer six coils of steel lashing wire per box for convenient ordering. 

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The telecommunications industry uses numerous types of wire products. Some, like fiber optic cables, transmit data. Steel wires, like messenger wire, support data-transmitting aerial cables. Systems that use support wires require cable lashing wire — another external wire to secure the messenger wire to the fiber optic cable. The telecom industry uses stainless steel lashing wire to secure or lash the messenger wire and fiber optic cable together. 

Regardless of your industry applications for cable lashing wire, turn to Bekaert as your lashing wire supplier. With industry-leading expertise and comprehensive customer service, we can connect you with the lashing wire you need for your project.

Purpose of Aerial Lashing Wire

Aerial lashing wire acts as a support structure for other types of wire, making it an essential element in many wiring applications. Often, technicians will use a specialized machine — a cable lasher — to form these critical connections.

Cable lashing wire, in conjunction with a lasher, can facilitate easier installations, drive lower hardware costs, reduce maintenance requirements for a cable setup and increase the overall lifespan. 

Our Lashing Wire Specifications

Bekaert offers a range of lashing wire grades with varying specifications to suit your project needs. Understanding our available options can help you find the right product for your cabling applications. Our team is prepared to assist you if you need guidance for your lashing electric wire.

Each selection of lashing wire meets ASTM A580 specifications. We provide three grades of stainless steel lashing wire — Type 430, Type 316 and Type 302. Both Type 430 and Type 316 have a 0.045-inch diameter. Type 302 lashing wire comes in two diameters — 0.045 inches and 0.038 inches.

Type 430

Type 430 (S43000) lashing wire is a low-carbon stainless steel lashing wire with 17% chromium. Though certain conditions can cause dark surface staining, the stainless steel's characteristics make it ideal for general use applications. Its tensile strength ranges from 70k to 95k psi, and it has an average break load of 125 pounds. Each coil is 1,200 feet long and weighs 6.5 pounds. 

Type 430 is suitable for ordinary atmospheric exposure. This lashing wire performs best away from industrial applications involving pollutant emissions and in conditions farther than 25 miles from saltwater.

Type 316

Type 316 (S31600) lashing wire provides the best corrosion resistance in coastal areas. This modified 18-10 stainless steel alloy contains 2.5% molybdenum. Type 316 boasts good corrosion resistance against most chemicals, including sulfides and chlorides. In other grades, salt spray causes pinhole corrosion and pitting. Type 316 stainless resists these reactions.

Type 316 has a tensile strength ranging from 95k to 125k psi, and its average break load is 145 pounds. Each 1,200-foot coil weighs 6.5 pounds. 

Type 302

Some industrial conditions create air pollutants that corrode Type 430, but those conditions may not be corrosive enough to require Type 316's full resistance. Type 302 (S30200) stainless steel lashing wire is the ideal grade for these industrial areas. The Type 302 alloy contains 8% nickel and 18% chromium. Type 302, which measures 0.038 inches in diameter, is also called Superlash. 

Both diameters offer impressive tensile strength and handle higher breakage stress. A 0.038-inch Type 302 wire is as strong as a 0.045-inch Type 430 wire. Type 302 also has better elongation and ductility, so it's less likely to break from stress and easier to bend and unwind. This wire offers a tensile strength of 95k to 125k psi. 

Type 302 with a 0.038-inch diameter has an average break load of 115 pounds and comes in 1,600-foot coils weighing 6.3 pounds each. The 0.045-inch wire has a 165-pound break load and comes in 1,200-foot coils of 6.5 pounds each.

Annealed Cable Lashing Wire

Annealing is a heat treatment method that alters the mechanical properties of metals. The annealing process has three steps — recovery, recrystallization and grain growth. During the annealing process, controlled heating and cooling relieves internal stresses and encourages the growth of new grains without pre-existing flaws. Once the annealing process is complete, the metal has uniform grains and a range of beneficial properties.

Processes such as bending, drawing and cold forming can lead to work hardening that makes metals more challenging to work with and susceptible to cracking. Annealing reverses the effects of work hardening to make metal products more workable and precise.

Some advantages of controlled annealing are:

  • Reduced hardness and increased ductility for better formability.
  • Minimized brittleness for reduced risk of failure.
  • Improved machinability from lower hardness. 
  • Elimination of mechanical complications like cracking from residual stresses. 

Lashing Wire Price

At Bekaert, we consider multiple factors when determining the price of our lashing wire. Some of these factors include:

  • Wire diameter
  • Steel grade
  • Coil length

Our goal is to create lasting products at competitive prices. While we have to consider material usage and labor in our product development, we can work with you to identify the best option for your budget.

Why Choose Bekaert as Your Lashing Wire Supplier?

Bekaert is the leading provider of steel wire products for the grid in North America. When you choose Bekaert, you partner with the largest independent producer of steel wire products and solutions in the world. Our extensive research and development (R&D) team enables us to deliver innovative solutions for a range of industries.

Besides our reputation as a market leader, we have the strongest sales support team in our industry. We support our complete portfolio of quality steel wire and other pole line hardware with unmatched customer service. As one of our clients, you'll enjoy industry-leading technical expertise, competitive pricing and short lead times. We are your single resource for steel wire products.

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