ACSR Conductor Strands

Bekaert’s wires or strands for ACSR conductors are made from galvanized, high carbon, steel wire. They are suitable for reinforcing overhead power conductors. The wire is used as either single-center wire or processed into a multiple wire strand. To help your production process, our  advice and support wherever you are located.

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When power conductors must span long distances, mechanical detriments affect the power cable's performance. Aluminum-conducted, steel-reinforced (ACSR) wire and strands have enhanced qualities for better performance. Most significantly, low elongation and a high strength-to-weight ratio reduce how much the cable sags over great distances.

An ACSR cable's center can contain a single steel wire or a strand. Manufacturers surround that Bekaert core with the remainder of the ACSR cable. This composition produces light, long-lasting ACSR conductors.

Choosing an industry-leading ACSR core wire manufacturer is vital to making high-quality items for your clients. At Bekaert, we produce ACSR core wire for companies that manufacture ACSR conductor strands. Introducing our steel wire products to your process can help you create stronger cable runs. Our partners benefit from our widespread reputation.

The Leading Steel Fabricator for ACSR Core Wire

Our complete portfolio of steel wire products and processes includes customizing steel fabrication projects. We control the entire production process, so we can match your specifications and needs. Our capabilities include single wires as well as 7-strand and 19-strand configurations. Beyond those choices, we offer several coatings to improve our steel wires. 

Our Class A, Class B and Class C galvanized coatings meet various certification standards. Class A and Class B are the most popular options, but we provide the coatings you usually buy. Bezinal®, our in-house coating, is a zinc-aluminum coating that adds corrosion resistance. ACSR steel wire coated in Bezinal® presents better longevity and protection for high-temperature conductors. 

We combine expert processes to provide high-tensile steel wires with Bezinal® coating for ACSR conductor strands.

ACSR Conductor Strand Specifications

Bekaert offers the widest selection of ASCR steel wire products available in our industry. Beyond the availability of our general products and our ability to manufacture custom fabrications, we offer materials with the characteristics you need for any application.

We provide these products in many grades, including:

  • GA2: Regular strength
  • GA3: High strength
  • GA4: Extra high strength
  • GA5: Ultra high strength
  • MA2: Regular strength
  • MA3: High strength
  • MA4: Extra high strength
  • MA5: Ultra high strength
  • S1A: Regular strength
  • S2A: High strength
  • S3A: Extra high strength

These grades apply to single-wire products and strands in 7-wire or 19-wire configurations. Our wire also meets international specifications, such as ASTM and CSA standards. 

Why Choose Bekaert?

As the largest independent supplier for steel wire solutions in North America, Bekaert is a reliable ACSR core wire manufacturer. Our company has a range of knowledge as seen in our product expertise and industry experience. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of services that complement our product portfolio. When you have a special request, our team works to fulfill your order to your exact specifications. 

Since we handle various processes under a single roof, partnering with us eliminates the need for outsourcing those services to other companies. The number of core competencies we offer reduces your company's lead times. When you source steel wire from Bekaert, you also benefit from our industry-leading technical support and customer service.

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  • Create extra-long spans
  • Increases the power capacity of your lines
  • Smooth installation
  • Support provided


Shape Wire, Cord - rope - strand
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal® , None, Zinc
Number of Wires 1, 2 - 5, 6-12, 13-37