Grip Wire

Steel wire grips are an essential part of electrical and communications transmission systems. Manufacturers use dead-end cable grip wire to create the U-shaped piece that secures guy wires to their anchors. 

Once the wire is formed into steel wire grips, this piece loops through the anchor's eye and twists around the end of the guy wire. The short leg wraps around the wire first, and the longer leg snaps into place as you twist it. After installing two or three pitches, the legs can be split farther into individual wires or small groups for ease of installation. 

Since these parts are critical for securing guy wire to its anchors, choosing a reputable steel supplier is imperative. At Bekaert, we are the leading steel wire manufacturer in North America, and we offer a full range of expert services. 

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Customized Steel for Your Grip Wire Products

Bekaert produces steel wire, which we sell to manufacturers that form the grips. Our ability to manufacture customized steel means that we can supply grip wire for grips that match your anchoring or guying material. Plus, we can meet the strength requirements that your customers demand from your grip products. 

We manufacture steel grip wire to meet your exact specifications. Our team uses various processes to produce items of the highest quality, with precise dimensions and tolerances. 

Please note that we do not sell steel wire grips. Bekaert manufactures steel wire for companies that manufacture dead-end grips. 

Our Steel Grades and Standards

At Bekaert, we provide Class A, Class B and Class C galvanized coatings. The weight of the zinc layer per square inch determines which class a coating qualifies for. Class A and Class B, which are lighter, are the most popular. 

We also offer Bezinal®, our in-house wire coating. Made of zinc and aluminum, Bezinal® offers improved protection in corrosive environments.

Depending on the dead-end grips you form, you may have very specific needs. Fortunately, our dead-end grip wire is available in multiple tensile strength grades. If necessary, we can produce custom options that meet unique specifications. Regardless of your company's requirements, Bekaert will be your supplier. 

Why Choose Bekaert as Your Steel Wire Supplier?

Selecting a manufacturer to supply the material for your steel wire grips is a significant decision that affects your company and your clients. You must be able to trust the quality of the wires you buy. When you use our products, you can form grips that your end users can trust for security and strength. 

There are many advantages of partnering with Bekaert, both for your company and your customers, including:

  • Our portfolio: Our team can manufacture a complete portfolio of steel products for a wide range of industries and applications.
  • Our industry experience: Bekaert's industry reputation as a leader in North America proves our expertise in the products and processes we offer. 
  • Customer support: Support representatives are available to answer questions and offer valuable technical support during all stages of your order. 
  • Reduced lead times: Our team performs several services under a single roof. Doing so eliminates the need for other parties and lets us fulfill your orders fast. 

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Bekaert is the leading partner for steel wire products.