Steel Wires for Power and Utility Transmission

Bekaert offers the complete portfolio of guy wire and strand, messenger wire, static shield, ACSR core wire, grip wire, and accessories to the North American market. We are an industry-leading supplier with domestic production in the United States, global support through our international partners, and innovative research and development to continually improve performance and durability for our customers.

Steel Wire and Strand Manufacturer and Supplier

When you place your order with Bekaert, you begin a partnership with the leading steel wire supplier in North America. Choosing Bekaert as your steel wire manufacturer comes with a multitude of advantages, including local support, competitive lead times and a comprehensive portfolio of steel wire products, complete with corrosion-resistant wire options.

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Close Customer Support
Local Support

Our production and commercial teams are locally optimized for close communication to meet your needs. When you order from Bekaert, we can manufacture your steel wire 100% locally if required. We can also source products globally to help you met your needs.

Lead Times
Faster Lead Times

Bekaert's strength in logistics gives customers the transparency and consistency to get the job done. Our competitive lead times let us fulfill and deliver your order fast, letting your company complete projects in less time and cultivate a strong positive reputation. 

Complete Portfolio

We offer the full range of diameters, grades and coatings in the market, giving customers one go-to source. We maintain full control over our manufacturing process, which allows us to perfectly match your specifications and ensure exceptional quality control. As a steel wire supplier, we also provide pole line hardware and accessories. 

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion resistance

Our Bezinal® coating improves the life cycle of our products without compromising performance. Bekaert puts all coatings through our rigorous testing process — each coating undergoes stress tests that mimic long-term exposure. In corrosive conditions, Bezinal® outperforms other popular coatings. 

Stainless steel wires are inherently corrosion-resistant. We also offer Class A, Class B and Class C galvanized coatings. 

Steel Wire and Strand Products and Applications

Steel wire has applications in various industries. As your steel wire suppliers, the team at Bekaert manufactures your strands to your exact specifications. Regardless of your industry, Bekaert wire sets the standard for safe, sustainable and cost-effective steel wire. 

overhead electric power lines

Electric Utilities

When power plants generate electricity, that energy has to travel from that site to the utility company's consumers. The electricity grid is a complex system consisting of electricity substations, power lines and other elements. 

We produce overhead ground wire (OHGW) to protect power and data transmission systems. Ground wires, also known as static shield, redirect energy from lightning strikes and carry the current away from power and data transmission cables. We also manufacture guy wires for stabilizing electric utility structures. 

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steel messenger wire with lashing wire

Telecommunications/Fiber Broadband

Modern telecommunication systems allow the world to communicate globally. Telecommunication companies handle the phone and Internet systems supporting our complex forms of communication, which work using both wired and wireless connections. 

Whether your company handles communication over the airwaves or through cables, your operations rely on various forms of steel wire. Messenger wire is essential to communicating across distances of any size. Whenever you use your computer's web browser or a wired phone, messenger wires transmit your data from one point to another. The telecommunications industry also uses guy wires, as does fiber broadband and numerous other industries. Keep reading for more information about guy strands, one of our most versatile products. 

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guyed tower structure

Tower Supports

Guyed towers support antennas for various purposes, including telecommunications services like broadcasting for television and radio. Guy wires stabilize some of the tallest man-made structures — as the ability of these structures to transmit information over vast distances is dependent on their height, they are subject to significant stress and require support to remain stable. 

Bekaert produces quality guy strands for clients in various industries. Guy wires create an angled anchor between the tower support and the ground. These strands must withstand extreme stress, as securing such large structures during high winds and other weather conditions can put immense tension on the wire. Bekaert's guy wires have standardized strengths that ensure safety and longevity. 

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Work With the Market Leader in Steel Wire and Strand Manufacturing

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Enjoy the advantages of partnering with Bekaert, the largest independent manufacturer of steel wire in North America. We have more than a century of experience developing products and solutions that exceed our clients' expectations. We have the flexibility to create steel wire products in any shape or configuration, and we strictly adhere to your specifications as well as industry standards. 

Work with Bekaert for unparalleled customer service and expert support. Our team offers expert advice about choosing the best steel wire products and solutions for your industry. We can produce an extensive range of wires, coatings and other products, so let us recommend options for your applications if you're not sure what will work best. 

Contact our team today to request a quote and learn more about the benefits of choosing Bekaert as your steel wire manufacturer.

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