Utility Staples for Pole Lines

When you need sturdy utility staples for your pole lines to secure stranded wire, Bekaert offers an extensive selection to meet your requirements. Our premium utility staples offer dependable strength to fasten ground wire and ground wire molding to wood utility poles and crossbars. To provide long-term protection, our Bezinal® coating safeguards staples against corrosion. Class A, class B and class C coatings are also available. 

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At Bekaert, we offer comprehensive solutions for utility needs so you can fully equip yourself for your industrial applications. If you're looking for a supplier with fast lead times and top-tier products you can rely on for your operations, choose Bekaert to meet your utility component needs.

Specifications for Our Barbed, Double-Barbed and Knurled Utility Staples

The right construction ensures you get a secure hold from your ground wire staples, and Bekaert offers premium products to deliver the strength you need for your work. Our selection of sharp-tipped staples makes driving easier and ensures a tight, reliable hold for long-term performance.

We also provide different staple length options so you can choose the best fit for various pole wood species. For hardwood poles, you can use shorter staples because the material has a higher density. Conversely, the lower density of softwood poles makes longer staples the preferred choice. A Bekaert product expert will be happy to work with you to select the best option for your applications.

Our 8-gram Bezinal® coated wire staples are available in plastic buckets of 8 pounds and 50 pounds to meet your project requirements. We offer our barbed utility staples with single or double barbs. If you need an even stronger hold, we also provide 9-gram galvanized knurled staples available in 50-pound buckets.

Full Variety of Wire Staples

For our double-barbed, single-barbed and non-barbed staples, Bekaert applies our unique zinc-aluminum hybrid coating, Bezinal®. This premium coating provides added corrosion resistance for a service life up to four times longer than a class A zinc galvanized coating, making it ideal if your applications require staples that can withstand harsh conditions.

With Bekaert, you have the option to choose from ground wire staples in several sizes. We help you decide on 1.25-, 1.5-, 1.75- or 2-inch products for your needs. Stay prepared for diverse jobs with the assistance of a single trusted supplier. Our steel staples are available in boxes and buckets for straightforward storage and protection when they are not in use.

To meet your operational needs, we also have galvanized zinc options available, and we offer industry-standard class A products as well as class B and C. Whatever you're looking for to handle your operations most effectively, we have a full range of coated wire staples and can provide anything you need to support your utility work.

Uses for Bekaert Wiring Staples

Bekaert is proud to partner with buyers and engineers for power and telecommunications providers, as well as decision-makers for electrical companies. Professionals in these industries can utilize our steel staples for excellent performance in a variety of applications.

1. New Construction

Run ground wire and molding materials throughout a new construction site. Bekaert wiring staples are user-friendly and can be installed while wearing construction equipment and safety gloves. Construction teams can create new residential and commercial structures, knowing our steel staples will work to fasten wiring to utility poles. Complete new construction jobs with solutions that stay in place.

2. Updating Telecommunications and Electrical Equipment

Professionals in the telecommunications and electrical fields rely on Bekaert for utility pole staples that enable teams to update towers. Whether your company is serving customers in a new location or integrating new electrical equipment into a preexisting system, you get peace of mind knowing connections are secure.

3. Completing Electrical Repairs

If a storm or unexpected incident results in damage to utility poles, your company can acquire the steel staples necessary for servicing wires. Finish complex repairs with quality staples engineered to weather the storm for long-lasting results.

Why Choose Bekaert?

When you choose Bekaert as your supplier, we will work with you to help select the right utility accessories for your application. We can create all kinds of supporting wire and strands from steel, serving many power line stability needs. Our products have the backing of extensive research and development, letting us continue to move forward and deliver trusted solutions for your applications. 

Whatever your requirements, we are committed to offering trusted products that deliver the performance and safety you need for effective operations. Our team strives to provide exceptional customer service and support so you have the resources and expertise you need for success in your industry.

Other reasons to work with Bekaert for steel staples include:

  • American-made product options: The wiring staples we offer are manufactured in the USA for quality assurance. Get the products you need knowing you can expect consistent quality.
  • Incredible sales support and technical expertise: The team at Bekaert has years of experience in the industry. Our experts are here for you when you need help deciding on wiring staples.
  • Impressive lead times: Bekaert begins preparing your order shortly after processing. Our fast lead times enable you to take on new opportunities as soon as possible.
  • Corrosion-resistant offerings: Staples with Benzinal® coatings are made with aluminum and zinc to help you combat harsh weather conditions on the job. Products with the Benzinal® coating are capable of lasting upwards of four times longer than class A zinc coatings.

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