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Provide reliable support to your telecommunication lines with Bekaert steel messenger wire or strand. We offer the widest variety of strengths and coatings available in the telecom industry. Our specifications include ASTM 475, Bell such as 6M, 6.6M and 10M, and ASTM A228 (music wire) for optical cable. Customized specifications are available on request.

Our messenger strand is a steel wire to support fiber optic cables. It bonds to communication wires to provide the structural support needed to keep them in place. The messenger wire prevents sagging for aerial installations and reduces strain on the fiber optic cable, though it cannot carry a signal or an electrical current itself.

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American Made Steel Messenger Wire Products

We manufacture our steel wire products and solutions in America. If required, we have the production capabilities to manufacture 100% of your order locally in your region. This capability applies to every part of fulfilling your order, from creating the wire strands to adding your choice of coatings.

At Bekaert, we have complete control over our manufacturing process. Competitive lead times allow us to fulfill your order with efficiency, and we offer fast delivery for our clients across North America.

Messenger Wire Specifications for Aerial Fiber Optic Drop Cable

Our control over our production process makes us unique. Vertical integration ensures we produce quality products that meet industry standards and exceed your expectations. Bekaert manufactures every aerial messenger cable order to your exact specifications, including shape, composition and mechanical characteristics. Building to your specifications and the industry's safety standards allows us to manufacture high-quality products with every order. We also offer customization for lashed or built-in aerial optical cable and drop cable.

Two of our specifications are minimum breaking strength and the wire strand count. At Bekaert, we offer single-strand messenger wire and strands made of three, seven or 19 wires. We offer various standardized strengths, including extra high-strength, utility, high-strength, Siemens-Martin and common grade.

Your strand's diameter also depends on the number of wires per strand. We have the widest range of diameters available in the industry and can meet standard or custom specifications through our manufacturing capabilities.

Benefits of Messenger Wire for Aerial Fiber Optic Drop Cable

The telecommunications industry makes it possible to communicate over vast distances. Wired systems are responsible for much of that communication. Data travels from one point to another via wires that transmit the information.

Steel messenger cable is a support wire. In the telecommunications industry, messenger cable keeps wires that transmit data in place. Modern systems use electrical messenger wire or drop cable wire to support data transmission lines, which means steel messenger wire's purpose is structural.

A messenger strand with an aerial fiber optic cable will:

  • Add strength and rigidity to prevent sagging and support long-distance installations.
  • Reduce the strain on delicate coaxial cables.
  • Stabilize the wires, which is essential for the longevity of any system. 


Applications of Electrical Messenger Wire

Messenger wire is exclusively used in the telecommunications industry. It can be strung on telephone poles for aerial installations of fiber optic cables. The messenger strand will prevent the cable from sagging due to its own weight, extending its life span.

Messenger strands are not intended for ground wire applications. Ground wire carries a high electrical load and requires specialized ground wire. Messenger wire is made from steel and is not designed to carry an electrical current. Electrical messenger wire is also not commonly used with short cables because the additional support is not required.

Using Messenger Wire With Aerial Messenger Cable

Messenger strand structurally supports aerial fiber optic cables in above-ground installations. To provide this rigidity, the cables must be tethered with lashing wire. The lashing process involves spiral wrapping the messenger wire and fiber optic cable using a lasher machine.

Lashing the messenger wire and fiber optic cable offers these benefits:

  • Holds the cables in place
  • Reduces stress on the cable and its fibers
  • Enhances the life span of the cables
  • Decreases hardware costs
  • Simplifies the installation process
  • Reduces maintenance requirements for cable setup

Bekaert offers stainless steel lashing wire coils in three grades, all meeting ASTM A580 specifications. We sell this product in bulk sizes of six coils per box for convenient ordering.

Effective Messenger Wire Coatings

Even the strongest steel wires are vulnerable to degradation. Corrosion is the leading cause of messenger cable deterioration and breakage. To prevent damage, Bekaert offers various coating options for your steel messenger strand. When you work with Bekaert for messenger wire, you can be confident in the durability of the finished product.

Quality coatings enable our drop cable wires to perform well in harsh conditions. Specifically, our zinc-coated wire has impressive corrosion resistance. At Bekaert, we offer three classes of zinc galvanized — Class A, Class B and Class C. We've also developed Bezinal®, our unique zinc-aluminum alloy coating for enhanced corrosion resistance.

Our Bezinal® coated drop cable wire provides the best protection against corrosion compared to hot-dip and electro-galvanized. Bezinal® zinc-aluminum alloy coating outperforms zinc galvanized in various corrosive testing environments. Our coating also lasts two to six times longer than other coating materials. This comprehensive protection reduces repair costs and responsibilities, allowing your company to save time and money in replacing cables.

All coatings from Bekaert meet industry standards, including coatings that fall outside of zinc galvanized. Bezinal® meets ASTM A855/856 and ASTM 640 classifications.

Reliable Strength

Standardized strength means that our messenger wires are safer and more reliable. Their steel cores add to the wires' strength, making drop cable wires with Bezinal® coatings an ideal solution for special conditions. Inclement weather conditions, like high winds and ice, can contribute to tension and ice loading. Without weather resistance, those events can cause messenger wire to rust, sag or even break. Prevent this damage with quality messenger wires for fiber optic cables from Bekaert.

Why Choose Bekaert for Messenger Wire?

We take pride in producing strong messenger wire that stands up to exposure and corrosive conditions, but Bekaert is more than a messenger wire supplier. Bekaert is the largest independent manufacturer of steel wire products in North America. Despite our size, we focus on each client’s individual needs. At Bekaert, we value building strong relationships with our clients.

Bekaert manufactures quality products at competitive prices, and we're committed to living up to our reputation as the leading name in the industry. Our fiber optic messenger wire is a high-quality, cost-effective solution for your applications as well as an investment in your company's longevity.

With almost 140 years in the industry, we offer immense value to our clients, and that value goes far beyond our products. We use our experience to provide expert advice and support you can trust. As one of our partners, you will enjoy the advantages of working with an industry leader that offers flexible production facilities and an expert customer support team that is ready to meet your needs.

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