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Ensure the stability of your free-standing structures with Bekaert steel guy wires and static strands. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of strengths and coatings and achieves the highest performance in any environment or utility application. These applications include power and telecommunication lines, railway signals, towers, masts and wind turbines. 

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Learn more about Bekaert's specialty in guy wire for the following industries: 

Steel guy wire is a popular method of stabilizing objects in various industries. Guy wires secure many of the largest man-made structures, including power and telecommunications lines, railway signals, towers, masts and wind turbines. A guy line functions the same way regardless of its application, creating an angle between the vertical structure and the ground. One end connects to a high point on the structure and the other attaches to the ground with an anchor.

Bekaert is an Industry Leader for American Made Steel Guy Wire Products

Among the steel strand suppliers, Bekaert sets itself apart. Those who need stranded steel guy wire turn to us because:

  • We manufacture all of our steel wire products and solutions in America.
  • We produce the widest range of guy wire available.
  • We offer guy strands to fit your specifications.
  • We produce your order locally in your region (upon request).
  • Our manufacturing facilities are unique - we have complete control over the entire production process.
  • Our strands meet and exceed industry standards of quality (including Buy America Act provisions).
  • Our lead times surpass those of other guy wire companies.
  • We provide fast delivery for clients all over North America.

Steel Guy Wire to Your Specifications

Steel guy wire comes in a variety of strengths, lengths and wires per strand for use in several applications, including telecommunications and electrical service guy wire. At Bekaert, we offer single-wire strands as well as manufacture guy strand with 3, 7 or 19 wires per cable. Stranded steel guy wire is most often used in applications that require high-level strength and stability. Adding more strands to a guy wire increases the strength and stability, so our 19-strand wire is the most robust option.

Bekaert manufactures a wider range of guy strands than any other supplier in North American power utility and telecom markets. Our clients determine specifications like:

  • Wires per strand: The number of wires per strand determines which weight and diameter options are available.
  • Minimum breaking strength: This factor depends on the strand's grade (how many wires you select for each strand). It describes how much force you can safely apply to the cable.
  • Minimum weight of coating: Choose a coating class that meets your needs without adding unnecessary weight to your tensioned cables.

Beyond these specifications, you'll want to consider factors like:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Contact with moisture
  • Shock and abrasion
  • Cable length and diameter
  • Steel grade

Environmental factors will influence the types of coatings you need, while elements like diameter and steel grade will reflect strength requirements. At Bekaert, we take a turnkey approach to your guy wire needs to develop a product that meets your longevity and sustainability requirements.


Steel Guy Wire and Coatings

Prevent rust with the right coating that meets your specifications. Bekaert provides various zinc coating options for our steel guy line, including Class A, Class B and Class C zinc galvanization coatings that meet industry standards. For clients who need extra corrosion resistance, Bekaert created Bezinal® — a zinc-aluminum alloy coating that performs well in corrosive environments.

The zinc coating on galvanized steel resists corrosion, making it the leading choice for telecommunications applications. Benefits of this coating include:

  • Cost-effective: While zinc coatings offer extensive protection, they often come at a relatively low cost compared to other protective coatings.
  • Reduced maintenance: Significant maintenance requirements can be demanding for your team. Galvanized steel requires very little care to remain strong.
  • Increased lifespan: Guy wires play an essential role in many applications, so you want a product that will last and offer durability throughout its lifetime. Galvanized steel provides this advantage.

Why Choose Bekaert?

Bekaert is the leading North American supplier of galvanized steel wire that meets Buy America Act provisions. Our long-term reputation as a leading guy wire manufacturer (120 years) and competitive lead times make us stand out as an industry leader. We manufacture our products in America and have unmatched customer service in our industry. Our extensive sales team is knowledgeable about our complete portfolio of safe, premium quality products. When you partners with Bekaert, we'll meet and exceed your expectations with our expert advice and support. 

Choose Bekaert for our commitment to your safety, sustainability and success. 

Contact us for more information about Bekaert's steel guy wire today. 

Steel Guy Wire for Electric Utilities Use

Utility poles are buried deep underground, which makes them sturdy. Poles at the end of long, straight sections, though, are more vulnerable to movement. Utility companies use power line guy wire on those last poles for more security.

Utility guy wire also has applications in securing other structures associated with electric utilities. Guy cables stabilize the masts that allow electricity to enter buildings. They also anchor utility towers. Even alternative electricity sources, like wind power, use guy strands for security. Guy wires anchor wind turbines to the ground surrounding the tower to hold them in place.

Benefits of Utility Steel Guy Wire

Securing utility structures with electrical guy wire from Bekaert has several benefits besides safety and quality.

One of those advantages is the availability of Bezinal® coating. Bezinal is an aluminum and zinc alloy that protects your tension cables from the elements and keeps your steel guy strands free from corrosion, which is a major cause of breakage and degradation. In addition to their corrosion resistance, steel guy wires have standardized strength levels. Bekaert also offers Class A, Class B and Class C galvanized coating options.

Regardless of your region, we can manufacture your guy strands 100% locally when necessary. Since we produce your order after confirming your custom specifications, you know that you're receiving new, meticulously manufactured cables.

Guy Wire for Telephone Pole Support

Guy wire has several names, including guy strand, guy rope, guy line and guy. Various industries use guy wire to secure free-standing systems as this wire stabilizes many of the world's largest human-made structures. Those structures include radio towers, windmills and, in the telecommunications industry, telephone poles.

Most formations require at least three guy strands to secure the object properly. On a telephone pole, each guy wire creates an angle between the vertical pole and the ground. While guyed structures need a larger area for their foundation, they are more cost-effective than most self-supporting structures. 

When you partner with Bekaert, you can take advantage of many benefits. Our clients enjoy our storm response capabilities, competitive pricing and industry-leading technical expertise. At Bekaert, we're proud to have the most reliable sales support team and a long-standing reputation as a leading guy wire manufacturer in the industry.


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Steel Guy Wire Specifications for Telecommunications

Guy wire must meet your needs for utility pole support, which is why Bekaert manufactures steel guy wire to your exact specifications. Our production facilities have incredible flexibility. We can manufacture steel wire in any shape, with any composition and mechanical characteristics. In an industry where creating guy wire for telephone poles means a customized order, we can create a solution strong enough to keep utility poles in place even during high winds.

Steel Guy Wire for Telecommunications Use

In the telecommunications industry, guy wires stabilize telephone poles — one end of the guy strand attaches to high points on the pole, and an anchor attaches the other end to the ground. There are several types of guy anchors, including dead man, grouted, expanding and screw anchors.

Telephone poles have a large portion of their length buried underground. Most often, guy wires are necessary on dead-end or anchor poles.

Benefits of Steel Guy Wire for Telecommunications

Steel guy wire has several advantages for telecommunications use. One of the most notable benefits for power lines is our galvanized steel wire's corrosion resistance. Corrosion is a degrading process that encourages breakage, and weakened guy wires can snap in high winds or inclement weather. We coat all steel wires with quality coatings to prevent oxidation. Each of our coatings provides impressive longevity in the face of exposure.

Our coating options are Class A, Class B and Class C zinc galvanization. We also have Bezinal® coating available, a unique alloy that falls outside our range of zinc coatings. At Bekaert, we put our coatings through a rigorous testing process to ensure corrosion resistance, especially for guy wires used to support telephone poles. Bezinal® even performs better than pure zinc galvanization under various conditions.

Steel Guy Wire for Tower Support

Steel guy wire stabilizes free-standing structures such as radio transmission cell towers that support antennas for broadcasting and telecommunications. Though some radio transmission cell towers are self-supported, guyed towers are more common in wireless, broadband and point-to-point communications.

Guy wire's high strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for securing large structures to the surrounding area. These wires create an angle between the tower and the ground, so they take up space but are more cost-effective when considering initial cost, transportation and installation.

Steel Guy Wire Specifications for Towers

At Bekaert, we offer the widest selection of steel wire products for various industries, including power utility, data transmission and telecommunication markets. We manufacture wire that conforms to your specifications with options to change the wires per strand, minimum weight of the coating and minimum breaking strength.

Quality and safety are industry standards, and Bekaert maximizes both by building every piece in your order to your exact specifications. We're dedicated to your satisfaction and only create guy wires for radio towers that promote secure installation.

Steel Guy Wire and Anchors for Tower Use

Radio masts and towers are some of the tallest human-made structures. Therefore, they need reliable stabilizers. To create that support, installation teams affix the guy strands to the vertical mast. These connections occur on the upper parts of the support tower. The other end of the guy strand attaches to the ground via an anchor. There are several kinds of anchors available for tower use, including:

  • Dead man anchors
  • Screw anchors
  • Expanding anchors
  • Grouted anchors

Benefits of Steel Guy Wire for Towers

Companies need steel guy wire for transmission towers because of this wire's numerous advantages, including longevity and strength. High winds can cause your towers to move, and guy strands must have the strength to hold them in place. Steel guy wires also resist breaking, even under excessive tension. That means steel guy wire is your company's safest choice for stabilizing tower supports.

Guy strands must withstand long-term exposure, which is why steel guy wires come in a variety of corrosion-resistant coatings. Most guy strands have a galvanized zinc coating. At Bekaert, we offer quality Class A, Class B and Class C galvanization to protect your guy wires from degradation and breakage. We also offer our unique Bezinal® coating — a zinc and aluminum alloy with incredible corrosion resistance.

Other Steel Guy Strand Applications

While stranded steel wire is most commonly used to stabilize tall structures, it has uses in other areas. Cable railing also relies on stranded steel wire. You can find this railing on parking decks, public walkways, balconies and other high structures that need a protected edge. Guy wire offers the durability needed for these railings, and it's easy to install post-construction.

Steel guy strand is also used for:

  • Standing rigging on sailboat masts
  • Stabilization wire for cranes when carrying high payloads
  • Flexible ladders
  • Supports for tents
  • Various wind turbine designs

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When you partner with Bekaert, you can take advantage of many benefits. Our clients enjoy our storm response capabilities, competitive pricing and industry-leading technical expertise. At Bekaert, we're proud to have the most reliable sales support team and a long-standing reputation as a leading guy wire manufacturer in the industry. Request a quote today.  

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  • High corrosion resistance and standardized strength
  • Domestically produced and fast shipping
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