Ground Wire for Lightning Protection

A static shield or optical ground wire (OPGW) protects power and data transmission lines from lightning strikes. The fiber-optic ground wire stretches between support towers, and the static shield is the wire that hangs above the power and data lines. Grounds occur at regular intervals for the efficient discharge of energy

Bekaert is the leading manufacturer of static wires in North America. We produce fiber-optic ground wire for clients in industries ranging from electricity distribution to data transmission for broadcasting and telecommunications.

How Overhead Ground Wire Works

It's important to grasp how overhead ground wire works and why it's essential to any transmission or distribution system to fully understand OPGW's applications in various industries.

Telephone pole ground wires only carry current when struck by lightning. When lightning strikes, the static wire redirects that electricity along the wire's core. That interception is essential to protecting power and data transmission lines. Static shields have such a significant impact on power and data transmission lines' longevity that most modern transmission systems use two ground wires for lightning protection.

Current moving across an OPGW discharges energy as soon as possible. The static wire then directs the diffusing the strike's energy. Once the electricity is safely in the ground, the static shield is void of energy again. This lack of energy is why we use steel alloys to produce OPGW.

Ground Wire Specifications for Telecommunications

Bekaert can produce overhead ground wire for any application. We also manufacture your order to your specifications, including the number of wire per strand, the cable's minimum breaking strength and your coating's minimum weight. Choosing the right ground wire for use in telecommunications can help create corrosion resistance.

Corrosion is one of the leading causes of breakage. To counter the effects of long-term exposure, we offer several zinc coating options. At Bekaert, we provide Class A, Class B and Class C galvanized coatings. We also offer a coating exclusive to our clients — Bezinal®, an alloy made of steel and zinc. This coating performs well during our rigorous testing process.

Benefits of Ground Wire Lightning Protection for Telecommunications

Using fiber-optic ground wire for lightning protection has several advantages. Benefits for the telecommunications industry include reduced line losses and the static shield's ability to act as a solution for special conditions.

Lightning strikes can destroy power and data transmission lines. However, by installing an effective form of protection such as static shields, you reduce how many transmission cables incur damage during inclement weather.

Why Choose Bekaert?

Bekaert is the largest supplier for overhead ground wire in North America. We have the production capabilities to manufacture fiber-optic ground wire to your specifications. Plus, you can take advantage of our competitive lead times, flexible manufacturing solutions and incredible customer service.

As an industry leader, we offer our clients expert support and advice. At Bekaert, we've been accumulating experience since our founding in 1880. Our long history of exceeding our clients' expectations complements our innovative approach to production and protection.

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